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We’re not bragging, but you are among some of the best and most admired brands in the world. Leaders around the world work with Dando for many reasons, but the main reason is that we are obsessed with real growth. Not superficial, top-line growth – growth that leads to increased profits, happy employees and leaders in their sweet spot. It’s never easy, but we’ve made the journey with over 8,000 leaders across the world.

Price you pay if Dando Doesn't provide value
Price you pay if Dando Doesn't provide value

We’re so obsessed with this concept that if you don’t believe we’ve driven real value, you don’t pay. It’s that easy. No asterisks, fine print or terms. While many consultants and coaches say they drive value, we put our fee on the line. That’s how committed we are to you and your business.


Business leaders find a “friend in the foxhole” with Kirk; he helped scale and sell a billion-dollar company. As a C-level executive, he walked the lonely road of leadership and worried himself to distraction, but learned a lot. For more than 20 years, he has worked with more than 8,000 executives. These include 13 Ernst & Young Entrepreneurs of the Year and many “Best CEO” winners.

His bestselling book, “Predictive Leadership: Avoiding the 12 Most Common Mistakes that Derail Growth-Hungry Companies,” shows execs how to predict and prepare for the issues that growth and success cause. Kirk’s book will help test, validate and confirm your assumptions about growth and leading a successful high-growth business.

Kirk has a stunning track record of causing breakthrough growth for companies that face problems stemming from their own success.

As seen on Fox Business and Bloomberg Television, audiences relate to his real-world stories and his high-energy, no-nonsense style as he demonstrates how leaders can predict problems before they show up in the results.

You won’t find another leadership expert like Kirk. He combines the raw emotion felt by leaders with the real-world action needed to achieve and sustain success. Forget complicated theories and bogus acronyms; Kirk gets to the heart of the matter to help leaders create real change in the lives of their employees, shareholders and themselves. Kirk is frequently asked to be a leadership speaker.

Kirk Dando unlocks the true leader inside.


chip-smallChip Hanna is an experienced marketing and growth-focused executive. He has worked with over 100 different companies from small, local businesses to Berkshire Hathaway companies with one purpose in mind – to help them grow. He’s made it his mission to take the complexities of business and present them in a way people can appreciate and understand. Many people with his expertise and insight might want to closely guard their knowledge out of some misguided notion that this will make them indispensable. But Chip has a bigger vision. He’s not concerned with protecting his self-interests – he wants to make his clients rock stars and operate in their sweet spot of success. This approach has helped him achieve tremendous results for clients, who, have enthusiastically embraced his recommendations.

In his most recent role, he advised early and mid-stage portfolio companies for a company with over $1 billion in managed assets. During the process, he’s learned many of the keys to hyper growth that venture capital growth demands.

As seen in countless news publications and broadcasts, Chip’s passionate and innovative thoughts on leadership, growth and marketing led to Chip being named one of Fort Worth’s 40 Under 40 in 2013.




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