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No matter how successful you are, there’s a gap between where you want to be and where you are today. Dando has helped over 7,000 leaders climb over the brink of success to significance.

The leaders we partner with are just like you. You’re successful. You’ve grown yourself into the problems success brings. Now you might be thinking:

“We’re growing to a level we’ve never been before.”

“I don’t know what I don’t know.”

“I know where I want to take this company, but I feel like I’m missing something.”

“I feel like my culture is slipping.”

“I’m not sure my current team can scale with the business.”

“Wow. It really is lonely at the top.”

“Who knows exactly what I’m going through and who can I trust?”


untitled-1175Over 20 years ago Kirk Dando, founder and CEO of Dando, was thinking the same things. Growing a company to $1 billion, he learned how difficult and demanding it was to be a leader.

To many, leadership is too abstract. But he’s learned that leadership is predictable. It is so predictable, Kirk wrote a book called Predictive Leadership. In the book, he outlines the formula for growth – including the 12 mistakes that derail growth-hungry companies.

He’s also helped over 7,000 leaders take their business to the next level.

Companies don’t grow with theories. Companies thrive with leaders equipped with practical advice and mentors they can trust.


Kirk was hired to be a coach to our CEO, to the executive team...and really for all our company. He has a knack for seeing company patterns that get them tripped up on their own successes. Knowing Kirk for years, he has the highest integrity and possesses a unique balance of emotional intelligence, strategic foresight, and detail-orientation.
Sam Decker
Founder, Mass Relevance/Spredfast

Kirk forced us to confront the brutal facts we had yet to address. He helped me see the specific steps needed to get the right executive talent in place and to get all of our employees pointed in the same strategic direction. The difference in the company is palpable. My confidence in our ability to succeed has shifted from ignorance-is-bliss bravado to faith in our team, our plan, and our ability to execute.
Gabe Krajicek
CEO & Partner, BancVue

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“Predictive Leadership challenges leaders to take an authentic, eyes-wide-open look at their businesses to avoid common pitfalls. When I was starting out, I devoured dozens of business books; Predictive Leadership’s simplicity and focus on action ‘rather than theory’ can help leaders succeed more quickly and with less heartache, something we can all appreciate.”

John P. Mackey, co-CEO, Whole Foods Market


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