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The one where a CEO got his mojo back... and a multi-billion dollar exit

The Company: Series D, venture-backed startup. Rocketship growth.

The Situation: The CEO (and also a co-founder) just fired the COO. The COO was a brilliant operator, but didn't live the values of the business. To the CEO, values were everything and he had to let the COO go. However, this left everyone, including the CEO, wondering "how are we going to actually execute now?" I was brought in to interview the board, Executive Team and other key stakeholders.

The Results: The CEO already had the right mindset. He just needed an operational framework.  We implemented the Growth Playbook Framework as an operational framework to help insure execution. The CEO felt confident in his ability to execute, build more than just a business and the company had a multi-billion dollar exit.

The one where a company avoided a multi-million dollar mistake

The Company: Series A, venture-backed startup. Innovative product in a slow-moving b2b vertical.

The Situation: The executive team wanted me to come to the second day of their offsite. When I arrived the room was full of energy and big ideas. The previous day, they decided they were going to develop several new innovative products - which would have required hiring a bunch of people and raising a lot more money.

The Results: Since I had previously built rapport with the team, I asked them a series of questions to help push their strategies to their logical conclusion. While their strategy, in theory, was sound, the practical reality of it was flawed. In their vertical, competitors raised billions of dollars and literally went out of business because they didn't understand their customers and the industry's resistance to adopting new technologies. 

Although it's counter-intuitive, we re-tooled the strategy to first build the necessary trust with industry giants. After the trust was earned, this unlocked the pathway to rapid adoption of the company's innovative products. Later on, the CEO told me, "Had we pursued the original strategy, it would have cost us millions of dollars and probably the whole company."

The one where co-founder drama was resolved

The Company: Series B, venture-backed startup. Rapid growth.

The Situation: The company was founded by an already-successful CEO and a technical co-founder, the CTO. Before I arrived, the Co-Founders were already struggling. They saw therapists and tried anything to mend the relationship. Nothing worked. The CEO brought me in and the CTO immediately pushed back on any suggestion I made to help him or the company grow. He thought he had a better way to do everything, including things outside of his level of experience. For example, he was critical of the strategy and the follow-on process to measure and execute. However, he didn't provide any meaningful solutions. So, the CTO and I decided he would be responsible for the strategy and execution framework.

The Results: The CTO struggled developing an effective framework. Without having to be told, he quickly realized he was a bigger part of the problem between him and the CEO. He thanked me for my patience and being an advocate for the business. The company implemented the Growth Playbook Strategy and Execution Framework to bring the strategy to life. This company continues to scale and was recently recognized as one of INC's fastest growing companies. 

The one where the CEO started having fun again

The Company: Series B, venture-backed startup.

The Situation: The CEO was a successful investor who had never been an operator. He made his mark investing in many startups but had never been a C-Level Executive. Due to unforeseen circumstances with one investment, he was forced to become a first-time CEO. People immediately were apprehensive about the investor coming on as CEO and their style didn't immediately fit with the laid-back vibe of the startup.

The Results: I spent time coaching him on the critical competencies for a first-time CEO. We discussed one of the most important jobs of the CEO: getting the drama out of the business. Because I earned his trust, I was able to have a candid conversation about how he was a large source of the drama in the business. I provided him some leadership Frameworks and Mindsets that helped him get out of his own way to earn the trust and loyalty of his team. He proudly said, "I'm having the most fun I've ever had now!"

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In their own words...

Kirk is like the “company whisperer.” He interviewed me, our executive team, and many of our managers and directors, and quickly synthesized a key area we were under investing in. I was impressed to see him find a blind spot this quickly, and it became a rallying cry for our company. He definitely understands the key challenges you will face as you scale. I was so impressed with Kirk’s work that I asked him to join our Board of Advisors, which I’m glad he accepted.
Brett Hurt
Kirk forced us to confront the brutal facts we had yet to address. He helped me see the specific steps needed to get the right executive talent in place and to get all of our employees pointed in the same strategic direction. The difference in the company is palpable. My confidence in our ability to succeed has shifted from ignorance-is-bliss bravado to faith in our team, our plan, and our ability to execute.
Gabe Krajicek
CEO & Partner, Kasasa
Kirk came and spoke to our diverse YPO Forum about developing high performing teams - including our forum as a team. He quickly boiled down this complex concept into actionable steps that we could all implement the next day. Every participant was incredibly impressed with what we were able to accomplish in a short period of time. Kirk's interactive approach and real-world experience allowed us to surpass our lofty goals for his workshop.
George Drazic
YPO Austin, Forum Chair

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