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Kirk Dando has the proven game film working with over 7,000 sucessful leaders around the world. As the previous COO and CFO of a $1 billion company, he knew there had to be a better way to grow a business. He’s here to help you get to the top.


Kirk Dando has worked with over 11,000 successful leaders around the world. As the previous COO and CFO of a company he grew to over $1 billion, he knows how to get to the top and is here to get you there, too.


The leaders we partner with are just like you. You’re successful. You’ve grown yourself into the problems success brings. Now you might be thinking:

“We’re growing to a level we’ve never been before.”
“I don’t know what I don’t know.”
“I know where I want to take this company, but I feel like I’m missing something.”
“I feel like my culture is slipping.”
“I’m not sure my current team can scale with the business.”
“Wow. It really is lonely at the top.”
“Who knows exactly what I’m going through and who can I trust?”

Meet Kirk Dando

Kirk Dando, Leadership and Business Growth Expert

Meet Kirk Dando, Leadership and Business Growth Expert

Over 20 years ago Kirk Dando, founder and CEO of Dando, was thinking the same things. Growing a company to $1 billion, he learned how difficult and demanding it was to be a leader.

To many, leadership is too abstract. But he’s learned leadership is predictable. It is so predictable, Kirk wrote a book called Predictive Leadership. In the book, he outlines the formula for growth – including the 12 mistakes that derail growth-hungry companies.

He’s also helped coach over 8,000 leaders to take their business to the next level.

That’s why Kirk Dando has been the personal mentor to 15 Ernst and Young Entrepreneurs of the Year and countless Best CEO, Best CFO and Best Place to Work winners.

About Chip Hanna


Chip Hanna is an experienced marketing and growth-focused executive. He has worked with over 100 different companies from small, local businesses to Berkshire Hathaway companies with one purpose in mind – to help them grow. He’s made it his mission to take the complexities of business and present them in a way people can appreciate and understand. Many people with his expertise and insight might want to closely guard their knowledge out of some misguided notion that this will make them indispensable. But Chip has a bigger vision. He’s not concerned with protecting his self-interests – he wants to make his clients rock stars and operate in their sweet spot of success. This approach has helped him achieve tremendous results for clients, who, have enthusiastically embraced his recommendations.

In his most recent role, he advised early and mid-stage portfolio companies for a company with over $1 billion in managed assets. During the process, he’s learned many of the keys to hyper growth that venture capital growth demands.

As seen in countless news publications and broadcasts, Chip’s passionate and innovative thoughts on leadership, growth and marketing led to Chip being named one of Fort Worth’s 40 Under 40 in 2013.


Hear from some of the over 8,000 leaders Kirk Dando has coached and mentored.

Kirk is like the “company whisperer.” He interviewed me, our executive team, and many of our managers and directors, and quickly synthesized a key area we were under investing in. I was impressed to see him find a blind spot this quickly, and it became a rallying cry for our company. He definitely understands the key challenges you will face as you scale. I was so impressed with Kirk’s work that I asked him to join our Board of Advisors, which I’m glad he accepted.
Brett Hurt

Kirk forced us to confront the brutal facts we had yet to address. He helped me see the specific steps needed to get the right executive talent in place and to get all of our employees pointed in the same strategic direction. The difference in the company is palpable. My confidence in our ability to succeed has shifted from ignorance-is-bliss bravado to faith in our team, our plan, and our ability to execute.
Gabe Krajicek
CEO & Partner, Kasasa

Kirk came and spoke to our diverse YPO Forum about developing high performing teams - including our forum as a team. He quickly boiled down this complex concept into actionable steps that we could all implement the next day. Every participant was incredibly impressed with what we were able to accomplish in a short period of time. Kirk's interactive approach and real-world experience allowed us to surpass our lofty goals for his workshop.
George Drazic
YPO Austin, Forum Chair


How can Dando help grow your business?


A behind-the-scenes leadership podcast about the raw and real of leadership with Kirk Dando. 

Get predictive leadership.

“Predictive Leadership challenges leaders to take an authentic, eyes-wide-open look at their businesses to avoid common pitfalls. When I was starting out, I devoured dozens of business books; Predictive Leadership’s simplicity and focus on action ‘rather than theory’ can help leaders succeed more quickly and with less heartache, something we can all appreciate.”

John P. Mackey, co-CEO, Whole Foods Market


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