Every successful CEO Coaching Relationship starts here.

Meet the highly evolved Leadership + Growth Assessment. 

Uncover the critical areas you need to scale as a CEO, team and business

The Leadership and Growth Assessment provides you with an accurate diagnostic and actionable next steps, based on over 25 years of experience.

The Assessment is the foundation for every successful CEO Coaching relationship, because it will help you identify the higher level issues (not just the symptoms) that are (or will) stall growth - for you, the team and business.

The goals of the Leadership and Growth Assessment are focused on giving you a realistic assessment in three key areas: 

  • CEO: Where you are in your journey as a CEO to become both the leader you want and the leader others need you to be. 
  • People, Strategy and Culture: Detailed analyses of your team, their ability to scale, organizational structure, processes and strategy needed to deliver on your promises and goals.
  • Execution: Do you have the right processes, team and meeting culture needed to bring the strategy to life through clarity and structure?

How the Leadership + Growth Assesment can help you.

"Dando is like the 'company whisperer.' He interviewed me, our executive team, and many of our managers and directors, and quickly synthesized a key area we were underinvesting in. I was impressed to see him find a blind spot this quickly, and it became a rallying cry for me and our company. He definitely understands the key challenges you will face as you scale. I was so impressed with Kirk’s work that I asked him to join our Board of Advisors, which I’m glad he accepted."
Brett Hurt
Founder, data.world, Coremetrics, Bazaarvoice and Hurt Family investments

Main Benefits you'll get from the assesment

There are countless benefits you'll get from the Leadership and Growth Assessment, however, the most common benefits are:

  • You won't have to learn things the hard way. You won’t spend IQ points solving problems already solved thousands of times in other companies. You'll learn how to leverage your (and your team's) IQ points to innovate and accelerate success.
  • Identification of higher-level issues and/or opportunities needed to scale, why they exist and how to solve them.
  • A deep dive into issues and strategies that will accelerate your learning curve and growth as a founder, executive, and leader.
  • A clear and actionable growth plan for you and your company.
  • You’ll feel great about where your business is going and how you’ll get it there.

What's a real example of what you work on during this time?

Great question. Here's a quick video that explains one outcome of a Leadership + Growth Assessment with the CEO of Kasasa, Gabe Krajicek:

The first step when working with any CEO

We need to get to this level of granularity for any CEO Coaching relationship to start. Without it, any advice is simply conjecture. Vision without execution is vapor. The context is critically important.

After the Leadership + Growth Assessment, we decide what the best next step would be and what my involvement (if any) would be. The next step looks more like a traditional CEO coaching relationship would look like, with a couple of notable exceptions:

  • I typically talk to more than just the CEO, especially as I gain the context in the Leadership and Growth Assessment.
  • I'm typically a part of offsites and regular executive meetings - more regularly at the start and tapering off quickly.
  • I'm always trying to work my way out of a job. It's my job to build the right muscles within the org, not to have you depend on me.
  • I back everything with my Dando Results Guarantee.

Here's how a typical engagement looks over time:


Wait... A Results Guarantee?! How?

When I was growing the company, I had a ton of people try and sell me stuff. I would simply ask them, "If we don't go to implementation... do I have to pay you?" I would always get a perplexed look and they would think I was cheap or hard to get payment from.

The truth is, I just wanted to know if they really were confident in what they said they were going to do. I thought to myself, "If I ever do what they do (which I never want to do!), then I'll always tell people that if I can't help them, I'll give them their money back.

Thankfully, no one has ever asked for it back, but it's the level intentionality and seriousness I bring every time I work with a company. That's how committed I am.


Is this a good fit for my company?

To be honest, I don't know. If you aren't afraid to say, "I don't know what I don't know," and are running a thriving business, let's have a quick conversation to see if it could be a good fit (and to check availability):

Frequently Asked Questions

This all depends on the size of the org and typically ranges from 5 - 15. I also like to talk to board members and other revant outsiders, when appropriate.