How to create core values with Badassitude

Gabe Krajicek - BancVueGABE KRAJICEK – PART TWO 

This is part 2 of our interview with Gabe Krajicek the CEO of Kasasa. If you missed Part One of the interview, make sure you listen to that episode first. Gabe explains more about Kasasa and how they are taking on Goliaths.

Today we talk with Gabe about company core values. Kasasa lives and breaths their core values. Instead of empty words on a page, Kasasa decided to take a different approach to core values. They created a shield, which represents their four core values: Interdependence, Five Star Leadership, Love, and Badassitude.

The Kasasa Patch

Kasasa will even pay if for someone to get a Kasasa “shield” tattoo.

In today’s episode, we talk about how Gabe became obsessed with company values and culture. Listen in and learn why Gabe focuses on core values and culture.


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Today’s Topics Include:

● Why being obsessed with culture changes the outcome of the business
● How to create a culture that lasts
● Culture starts in the heart of the leader
● Why he created a symbol for their values
● How having and renewing their symbolic values affects Kasasa
● What does it look like to test and challenge employees on the company’s values?
● Who makes sure the best ideas float to the top?
● What kind of leader do people lean on?
● The difficulties of growing a culture with an organization
● How to operationalize culture and values
● An interesting concept….Badassitude


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