Predictive Leadership Book: Are you a predictive leader?

It’s a fact. If you are successful, you will grow yourself into problems. Nothing kills faster than success. That’s because success masks the issues and robs an organization of its full potential.

In Kirk Dando‘s best-selling leadership book, Predictive Leadership, he examines the 12 critical mistakes that derail scaling businesses. The book is short on theory and rich in real-world application based upon Kirk’s experience working with over 8,000 leaders around the world.

Predictive Leadership

Predictive Leadership – Available on Amazon

Most successful, growth-hungry companies begin to miss their projections or worse. Not because demand is low or conditions are difficult, but simply because they don’t know how to predict, nurture, or even maintain their own growth and success. At each stage of growth, natural problems are glossed over in the scramble to expand (see the Business Growth Lifecycle), making the organization vulnerable to chaos, no matter how strong or expert its leaders. Most leaders feel isolated, pressured to build on earlier success and maintain total control – the perfect recipe for the 12 most common and critical mistakes to show up and slow or kill growth.

Kirk Dando, leadership and growth expert, CEO of Dando Advisors, Leadership Podcast Host, and Leadership Keynote Speaker calls these roadblocks the 12 Warning Signs of Success and has helped leaders across industries predict, prepare, and avoid them at every stage of growth. Predictive Leadership is rich with real-world stories, prescriptive advice on how to scale your business and limit the drama so you can unlock the growth and success you desire.

What is being a Predictive Leader all about?

Maybe you had the right idea but hired the wrong person. Maybe you’re running into a leadership bottleneck, having trouble getting your team aligned, unknowingly incentivizing failure, or losing sight of your core values. Dando, known in leadership circles as the “Company Whisperer,” has encountered every one of these obstacles himself, as a C-level executive in a high-growth billion-dollar business. He knows firsthand that these moments of truth determine whether you can lead your company to become a strong, mature, and financially sustainable organization, or drift toward an uncertain future.

Predictive Leader: How can you be one?

First, pick up the book Predictive Leadership.

Other options to learn more about being a predictive leader: Hire Kirk Dando to be a Leadership Keynote Speaker at your next event. Listen to our Leadership Podcast or read some of our top Leadership Resources.