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The only product Dando sells is results.

If we don’t drive value, you don’t pay. It’s that simple. End of story.

If you don’t win, we don’t win - and you don’t pay.

This is not a sales tactic. It's simply about being accountable.

Don't take our word for it.

Listen to 3 successful Dando CEOs explain how they use business coaching to drive results.

How we do CEO coaching

  1. Over the past 20+ years, we’ve developed a highly evolved process.
  2. The process helps you - and the company - get crystal-clear goals.
  3. We identify the handful of issues getting in the way your goals.
  4. We set short and long-term objectives, key results and continually evaluate.

Common coaching issues

Kirk Dando, literally, wrote the book on the issues that stall rapidly-scaling companies face as they grow. Read the 12 Warning Signs of Success.

Coaching Accountability

One of the keys to a successful CEO coaching relationship is clear goals. After our upfront process, we confirm our focus: what key issues do we want to attack first? What are your personal goals for coaching?

After we agree upon the key issues and goals, we review progress regularly. We formally review every six months.

Here's a portion of a real review we conduct with every company we work with. Obviously, there is deep meaning behind these key issues for their organization.

The same would be true for your goals and key issues. Every review is raw and real.

An actual review with a portfolio company. The names have been changed for privacy.

It doesn't stop there. We ask our clients to fill out this portion of the review:

You are encouraged to fill out this part of the review.

Do you have this level of accountability with anyone else on your team?

Our Focus

Many CEO Coaches only focus on the CEO. While important, this approach neglects the rest of the business. Management Today agrees: it’s time to end the cult of the CEO. In addition to coaching the CEO, we help build the right muscles to support the business. We dive deep into:

Org Charts + People

Unsexy but unrivaled in their power. Org structure drives behavior. We help you design org charts and people needs to handle the weight of growth.

Strategic Pillars

What are the strategic battlefields you need to win? We'll help your business define and obsess about your strategy, using the Growth Playbook.

Growth Playbook

This is what brings the strategy alive. This operational rigor insures execution and creates the alignment needed to win.

Coaching Others

Top executives need coaching, too. Having the context also helps the CEO and the business. We typically coach 2 - 5 executives at each company.

Change the language.
Change the conversation.
Change the results.

Your mindset will either unlock or block your growth. Growth is difficult. However, it's a predictable journey. Dando helps you normalize the journey as CEO, which helps you normalize the journey for your team.

Why you shouldn't hire Dando.

There are a handful of reasons you should not hire Dando:

  1. Your looking for the magic pill. We'll help you reach your goals, but it's not magic. It typically gets harder before it gets easier.
  2. You expect us to work harder than you. We'll work hard. However, our job is to build the right muscles in the organization to work ourselves out of a job.
  3. You're a jerk. You won’t like our style, either. Life’s too short.
  4. You don’t practice humility. Every great leader we work with has the humility to say, "I don't know what I don't know."

Ultimately, is there a relationship between coaching and getting to the top?

According to HBR, there is: It is fairly common in tech firms such as Dell, Google, etc., where coaches/advisors have been brought in to help young CEOs. But Jack Welch is another prominent example of a top business leader who worked with an advisor for many years.

In general, where there is a relationship between coaching and getting to the top is when an executive believes in continuous learning and development. The saying “It’s what you learn after you know it all” resonates here. These kinds of chief executives seek out a number of different coaches/advisors who help frame topics for them and play a point of challenge and reflection. CEOs who do this are also triangulating information, and their set of coaches/advisors help frame, challenge, and assimilate all of the information/data.

Percentage of CEOs that get coaching
Percentage of companies that stay in business for 10 years

Only 34.3% of CEOs get coaching and only 29% of companies last for 10 years. Coincidence?

Where do you want to go?

The best part about journey is you are in ultimate control about how to use Dando Coaching. You'll also get to tap into the network of CEOs we've worked with over the past 20+ years.

If you are a CEO, you undoubtedly have goals you would want to reach. Where do you want to go?

If you need help, Dando is here to help. Guaranteed.