Dando is committed to providing real help that leads to real growth. We speak to a wide variety of audiences from Chamber of Commerces, Professional Groups, Private Companies, Non-Profits, YPO Groups and much more. Dando’s talks are short on theory and long on real world advice that leads to change within companies and organizations

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Leadership Blindspots: How to Avoid the 12 Critical Mistakes That Kill Growth: Some companies face problems stemming from their success. Others can’t seem to grow beyond a certain point. During these times, executives’ confidence in properly predicting and managing challenges created by shifts in the market or growth is tested. Do not try to blaze a new trail ‘over the cliff,’ instead learn specifically how to recognize The Top 12 Warning Signs of Success™ and respond decisively.

➢ Top 10%: What the Nation’s Best Companies Do Differently: This talk is short on theory and rich on ‘take away’ practical solutions. Kirk Dando has spent the last 20 years working in and around some of America’s most successful companies. He’s compiled a list of ‘best practices’ that highlight what the nation’s top companies do differently. Learn from others successes and mistakes. Also learn how getting clarity and alignment around the vision, values and goals (‘getting back to the basics’) creates a team of motivated and focused leaders.

➢ Open Kimono Leadership: What does it take to be authentic leader who walks the talk and build a thriving culture of active followers? This presentation is a powerful combination of insights and strategies about transparency and acting on core values from some of the world’s most successful leaders.

➢ How Smart People Run a Company: Executives often lack the time or focus to consistently develop, validate and personally oversee implementation of key organizational initiatives. Learn how to use a process developed over 20 years that accurately analyzes areas of organizational vulnerability and maximizes opportunity. This process has been refined in hundreds of organizations, taught across the nation and has consistently produced profound results in ‘profit wise’ companies.

➢ Future-proof Your Business: How to Scale Your Business and Avoid the Train Wrecks: Evolution is a contest of survival. To move ahead, companies must consciously introduce planned structures that not only solve a current crisis but also fit the next phase of growth. Too often, it is tempting to choose solutions that worked before but that actually make it impossible for the next level of growth to evolve. Find out what specific solutions are needed at each level of growth in order to sustain productivity, profitability and most importantly, go to the next level of performance.

➢ How to Lead for Breakthrough Performance:  This is a proven program to develop a series of “key element” skills, which significantly enhance the leadership and management effectiveness of all participants. Learn how to develop motivated, effective leadership/management teams that get results, overcome obstacles and select and develop the right people.

➢ How to Move from Strategic Planning to Strategic Implementation: Learn how your firm can benefit from incorporating an annual strategic planning process and more importantly how to simplify what is traditionally a complex process. Learn how to significantly increase the odds of implementation.

➢ How to Predict Problems Before They Show Up in the Results: What are others doing to survive and thrive?  As the economy slows and budget cuts loom larger than life, executives often test their confidence regarding their organization’s ability to anticipate and manage the challenges that accompany shifts in the market. Learn practical solutions that are time tested and proven to help anticipate, navigate and motivate your team through the challenges of a slow economy.

➢ Is Your Team Just Going Through the Motions? Find out what is the MOST prominent yet often overlooked cause for why organizations tend towards mediocrity. Learn specifically what to do when “face time” (showing up at work but not necessarily doing anything worthwhile) and image have replaced honest effort on many of your teams priority list, yet they still feel entitled to their jobs, benefits and paychecks. Also learn how employers share responsibility for this dilemma and what to do about it.

➢ Who Do You Call When No One Has the Answers? Find out where the smartest CEOs turn for guidance and perspective when company building gets personal.

➢ How to Become a Mature, Financially Stable and Professionally Managed and Led Business: Some companies face problems stemming from their success. Others can’t seem to grow beyond a certain point. When you are striving to go to the next level of performance, find out how to determine which organizational and process changes are most likely to make things work better.

➢ Do You Need a Sales or Marketing Strategy? What is the difference? Like no other area of business, a scattered or misunderstood focus in sales and marketing can lead to severe profit leaks. Learn the difference between sales and marketing and how to develop and implement a winning strategy.

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