Did you listen to our podcast where we talked about how the best CEOs spend their time? If not, we’d encourage you to listen to that episode before working on the time audit. When we are Coaching a CEO, it’s one of the first areas we address – where are they spending their time? It’s the most precious asset CEO’s have – and once a minute passes – it’s gone forever.

The Time Audit is in the format of Google Docs (Google’s spreadsheet program is called “Sheets”). If you’d like to download a version for Excel, simply click the link and go to File -> Download As -> Microsoft Excel. That will allow you to open the Time Audit in Excel. Otherwise, follow the instructions on the page to get your very own time audit.

It’s extremely helpful to look at the plan your week at the beginning of the week and also at the end of the week. This will shine the light into where your schedule is shifting during the week. The only way to improve your time management is to first determine how you are using time today.

Get the Free Time Audit Template Here.

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