13 Ways to Make Mature Leadership Choices

How do you make tough leadership choices


As a leader, we have to make tough leadership choices. As we get experience, we, inevitably, make better leadership choices.

Not all leaders are created equal. I do not think anyone would argue some leaders are more mature than others.

One way to evaluate leadership maturity is by looking at the choices we make. Below I share the ways those choices change with personal and leadership growth. This is how mature vs. immature leaders think about and intentionally make choices, daily.

You need leadership skills to get you closer to your goal.

Take time and review the evolution of leadership choices from immature to mature below to be a better leader. Think about other leaders you admire and how they make choices. Think about the leaders you don’t admire and how they make choices. Become determined to mature your leadership choices today.

What is best for others rather than… what is best for me
Teaching others rather than… just being taught
Developing depth of understanding rather than… struggling with the basics
Problem predicting rather than… problem solving
Less drama rather than… more drama
Self-evaluation rather than… self-criticism
Seeking unity rather than… promoting disunity
Desiring spiritual challenges rather than… desiring entertainment
Careful study and observation rather than… opinion and halfhearted efforts
Active faith rather than… cautious apathy and doubt
Confidence rather than… fear
Truth rather than… being popular
Feelings and experiences evaluated in the light of wise accountability rather than… experiences evaluated according to your feelings

What other mature vs. immature leadership choices can you think of? I would love to get your insights as well.



Not all leadership is created equal. Great leaders dedicate themselves to growing and becoming mature. One way to evaluate leadership maturity is by looking at the choices we make.



Becoming a great leader is the hardest work you will never regret. Pay attention to your choices because out of them is the wellspring of growth for wealth, health and happiness or deterioration of the same.



Using the chart above, take time to evaluate your leadership and the leadership in your life. What is one thing you will apply, change or teach from this self-evaluation? When will you do this by?


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