Building a culture of performance: hiring hacks from RevZilla (Part 2)

If you missed the first episode with Anthony Bucci, co-founder and former CEO of RevZilla, be sure to listen now. He explains how he and his co-founders scaled RevZilla from an idea to over $140 million in revenue without raising any outside money. Today, we shift gears to talk about people – hiring, leading and managing.

Anthony is a self-proclaimed nerd when it comes to people issues. In this episode, he will challenge your thinking on hiring, leading and managing. He’ll give you a powerful concept we recommend our portfolio companies: the 5-15. Anthony mastered keeping signal strength throughout the business, and he explains in great detail how and why you should use a 5-15 with every direct report.

Anthony also shares about how he debugs his own psychology by utilizing mentors, board members, and outside executive coaches.

Other Topics from Today’s episode include:

  • When you need to start obsessing about hiring the best people
  • Your role as a leader in hiring and how that changes from the start-up phase to the scale-up phase
  • How long should you expect new hires to perform before you worry about the company outgrowing them?
  • What’s more important: cultural fit or ability?
  • How to measure cultural fit – in an interview and beyond
  • The importance of measuring output for each new hire
  • The danger of hiring someone that is not a cultural fit
  • How to use the 4 Magic numbers to balance happy employees, raving customers, revenue and profit
  • Why you should have counterbalance measures you should obsess about
  • How to keep your employees engaged by using the 5:15 format
  • What should be part of a performance review
  • When to lean in with direct reports vs. when to let them stub their toe
  • Why Anthony used three different CEO coaches during his tenure at RevZilla
  • What he used the different CEO coaches for along the growth journey
  • How to think about an external coach vs. informal mentors and friends
  • The importance of having someone to debug your psychology

We spent over 2 hours with Anthony covering a wide variety of topics. To break down the episodes into digestible bites, we’ve broken up our interview into two parts:

  • Episode 1: You’ll hear the process Anthony and his co-founders used to start and generate the idea for the company that became RevZilla. Anthony also goes into great detail about how they differentiated themselves and quickly scaled from $0 to over $140 million in annual revenues. Anthony shares why and how they achieved hyper-growth without raising money.
  • Episode 2 (Today’s Episode): Anthony’s provides specific details of how they approached promoting and hiring, ahead of scale. He offers insights and lessons learned about how to scale people, processes and product – before everything breaks. He also shares what how he utilizes executive coaches, mentors and advisors.

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