If you don’t have time to lead, you won’t succeed.

Nothing kills faster than success. It’s the reason I’m always asked: how do you lead managers when you don’t have time?

If managers can’t manage, it does not matter what a great strategy, product, or service you have. It takes managers to scale. Managers develop the processes and they develop the people. However, they need you, the leader, to be developing them during this time. When managers aren’t developed, people leave.

People don’t leave companies – they leave managers.

You need to be obsessed with defining what makes a great manager – and developing managers to that standard. You need to do this in times of hyper growth and slow, quiet growth.

They key is, leaders have to make managers a priority. There is no perfect science or absolute “check the box” methodology. You need to have a consistent and persistent focus on developing great managers.

If you can focus on developing great managers, you will see it in the results. Better yet, you will avoid a predictable and completely preventable train wreck.

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