The Easy Way To Know If You Have the Wrong Person in a Key Position

right idea, wrong person

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks diving into how to identify and lead different kinds of employees in every organization  – The Wonder (AKA Three-Legged Dogs), The Team Player, The Brilliant Jerk and The Rock Star.

We’ve created the free Right Idea, Wrong Person Matrix for you to easily find out what kind of employees you have.

How do you use it?
It’s simple. On the horizontal axis is performance. Drag your finger to where a particular employee stands in terms of performance. Then move your finger up until you find their attitude. It’s that simple.Performance and attitude are the two simple, but extremely powerful indicators in helping you develop the team you need to grow.

Here are some helpful tips for each type:

Rock Stars
This is your go-to team member. They quietly, but effectively, make the business and everyone around them better.

Load your team with these winners. It’s your job as the leader to make the life for the Rock Stars easier. That means holding the rest of the team accountable. Read more about how to keep and find more Rock Stars.

The Team Player
This team member has a positive, infectious attitude, but needs your leadership to continue to evolve. The business may have outgrown their ability to perform in their current role and they may need your coaching to reach or get back to Rockstar status.

We recommend that you give the team player a second chance. Write a job description for the position, not the person and see how they measure up. Give them a time-boxed chance to perform or find them a new role. Read more about the ol’ Team Player.

The Three-Legged Dog
AKA “The Wonder.”
Everyone, even you, wonders how this person got on the team. Don’t “look the other way” and allow a weak link to bring down the entire team. Take immediate action, because choosing to keep this person on board is a losing proposition. Learn more about the odd contraptions we create for The Three-Legged Dogs in our company.

The Brilliant Jerk
These team members may make the business a lot of money and/or perform well in their roles, but they can destroy a team. Don’t be held hostage by these Brilliant Jerks.

They are holding your business back. If you’re going to grow, you have to help them figure out how to become a Rockstar, or get rid of them. Read more about Brilliant Jerks.



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