How giving leads to growth


17450afGiving back seems like the trendy thing to do these days. Consider the success of Tom’s or Warby Parker. However, giving back isn’t just a trendy thing to do. It the only way to grow a business according to our guest today, Paul Trylko, President & CEO of Amplify Credit Union.

Even though Amplify Credit Union is not-for-profit, their mission is still based around a triple bottom line: serving the community, the credit union members and employees. Amplify is a member-owned financial cooperative with more than 56,000 members and over $790 million in assets. They’ve been serving Austin since 1967, when they started as IBM Texas Employees Federal Credit Union.

Paul has been CEO of Amplify through rapid growth and expansion. He has been named CEO of the Year by the Austin Business Journal and the National Association of Credit Unions.

In this episode, Paul talks candidly about his experience as a CEO: literally from day one to succession planning.


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Today’s Topics Include:

  • Why doing the right thing is the only way to do it
  • The joy of making a profit (and not for the reasons you typically think of)
  • What’s more difficult: Being a For You Leader or a Servant Leader?
  • Paul’s aha moment
  • How to face adversity
  • How Paul has shifted to putting plans in place for a leadership secession
  • The leadership secession process: how long does it take? What do you need to be thinking about?
  • Leaders biggest stumbling blocks
  • The process of growing as a leader
  • The role externalizing yourself plays in growing a business
  • Where Paul finds ideas and perspective for business growth
  • How you transfer from working “in the business” to “on the business”
  • How Paul and Kirk first started working together
  • How Paul copes with stressful times

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