Journey to the Top: Practical Advice for Scaling a Business

People often think that success just happens. Anyone who has ever been in business knows it’s not true. There is no such thing as overnight success. It’s a constant journey.

Today’s episode is all about the journey of growth.

Kirk was a leadership keynote speaker at a recent event at Galvanize in Austin, TX. Listen in as he shares his experience about the journey to the top. He’s been the personal Sherpa to thousands of CEOs have they’ve embarked on the journey of growth.

This is a special episode, giving you the rare opportunity to hear the advice Kirk Dando shares with leaders around the world.

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Today’s Topics Include:

  • What happens to every business on the journey to success.
  • Analogies you can use with your team about growth and scale – including the powerful analogy of Mt. Everest
  • Who’s the Sherpa? Sherpa’s know that there will be tough parts of any climb. But they also know how to change the language when scaling a mountain. Business leaders need to change the conversation to change the language to change the outcome in business.
  • How success can mask potential problems during periods of rapid growth.
  • Why you can’t brute force your way through a crisis and the three elements of a business “at the top.”
  • How to get real focus and clarity around goals using an operational cadence.
  • How to define your management culture.
  • The importance of breaking the vision down to action.
  • Why the transition from doing the work to managing the work is so hard.
  • The leadership mindset needed for scale.
  • The three kinds of leaders: for you, against you, for themselves.

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“Talk to your team about what lies ahead for your business and how to prepare for it.” Kirk Dando

“When growth happens it can be a very fun time, but sometimes success can be masking potential issues.” Kirk Dando

“The first thing I do when approaching a new business is one-on-one conversations because the answers are always inside the business.” Kirk Dando

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