What Makes A Business Successful?

What makes a business successful? Do you know the importance of strategic communication in business? More importantly, how will you know you are successful in business?

Deep down, leaders struggle to align their teams towards a well understood set of goals. They spend a lot of energy trying to close the gap between where they are today and where they want to be. Yet, many leaders first struggle to articulate exactly where they want to end up.

What’s “the top” of the mountain for your business?

What does the top of your business look like? What makes a business successful?
What does the top of your business look like? What makes a business successful?

Many leaders don’t know what the top looks like prior to prodding. Leaders think they will know they “made it.” They will “feel it.”

If you aim at nothing you hit it every time.

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Most leaders aspire to lead a: entrepreneurial oriented, professionally managed and led company.

While it sounds like a mouthful, it’s the desire that our portfolio companies aim for, boiled down to the core. This is called a Level III company. Level III companies have reached the top of their respective mountains. They are the market leader in their niche.

Level III companies have made the transition from a startup and rapid growth companies. We hear leaders at the top say things like:

“I didn’t know business could be fun again”
“Revenue and profits are predictable.”
“We have people clamoring at our door to come work here.”
“My leadership team just gets it!”
“I’m making more money and a bigger impact that I imagined!”

What does a Level III Company look like?

  • Aligned executive and middle management teams are in place. They have qualified people; accountability is clear and well managed.
  • The organization has an identity beyond the founder and the current leader.
  • The organization has well-defined and communicated short-term and intermediate-term strategies and plans, which are being followed.
  • Managerial leaders are doing more managing (working “on” the business) than technical work (working “in” the business). They’re focused on developing systems, accountability and people to scale.
  • Unproductive or unprofitable products and services are phased out.
  • Market research, development and planning is timely. It is competent in all areas of business. For example, products, services, customers and competition.
  • Competent staff, management and leadership development processes are in place. This includes performance feedback, training and coaching.
  • Managers effectively use financial and non-financial performance data. They use this data in presenting, planning, decision-making, problem-predicting, electronic contract manufacturing, and expense control.
  • Profitability is strong.
  • Financial health is strong and cash flow works well.

Learn more about the different stages of growth in the Business Growth Lifecycle and how CEOs prepare for growth.

Doesn’t that sound like a company you want to lead? How will you define “the top” in your organization?

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