Management Framework: what’s your plan to operationalize the strategy?


Today, we continue our conversation with Gene Austin, the fromer CEO of Bazaarvoice. In the last episode, Gene talked about the unique aspects of being the CEO of a publicly-traded company. He also talked about the view from the other side of tough decisions.

Gene also said he’s the least likely CEO to have a Chief Operating Officer, due to his very operational approach. Today, we discuss how Gene conducts his one-on-ones and the operational cadence he uses to focus the business.

He describes how he translates the strategy to an executable and measurable plan. This episode is short on fluff and full of actionable advice you can start practicing today.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Gene’s format for one-on-ones: an open forum that removes obstacles in the way of the employee
  • How Gene keeps a pulse on the business
  • The first area Gene investigates when he suspects a management issue
  • The three things Gene always wants to know about what is going on in the business
  • Bazaarvoice’s Management Framework: the operational cadence they use to stay on track
    • Operational Reviews
    • Product Council Meetings
    • One-on-ones
    • Staff Meetings
    • The metrics important to Gene
  • The mistakes made by fast growth companies and their tendency to cut the wrong corners
  • The most important hires in any startup
  • Blocking time on the calendar and how to get on top of your work
  • Urgent vs. important – how do you prioritize?
  • Gene’s thoughts on using coaching in the business

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