The 1 question great leaders ask about every employee

It’s not a secret, people and their issues are a huge part of any leader’s life. It can be the best (and worst) part of being a leader.

The good news is today’s episode is full of simple, actionable frameworks around developing and leading people. We talk about how to hire, how to fire, how to develop and why people are such a big issue in the first place. We also highlight the one question all great leaders ask, at least once a quarter, about every one of their employees.

Our guest today wrote an excellent book on people. Trevor Throness recently wrote, The Power of People Skills. He shares his unique experiences and practical advice he’s learned working with leaders of scaling businesses.

This podcast is full of application, including a powerful tactic that’s changed the way thousands of companies think about people. Listen now:

Topics include:

  • Why people issues are so hard
  • Why we get hiring right about a third of the time, wrong about a third of the time and just so-so another third of the time
  • What to do about the mediocre hires
  • How to identify the four types of performers in your business
  • The one question you should ask yourself about every employee
  • Why we make people issues harder than they need to be
  • How small changes can result in massive results within a business
  • How to attract vs. recruit the right people to your business
  • Advice Trevor and Kirk wish everyone would take
  • Why leaders are judged in a vacuum
  • Much more

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