Unique Core Values

Unique Core Values: Go Beyond Words

Gabe Krajicek – CEO of Kasasa, shares the unique Core Values at his company at a Leadership Speaking event Kirk Dando hosted.

I drew this little thing on a piece of paper which I still have on my wall in my office.

It was a symbol that has four elements that I call “The Patch.”

Unique Core Values

A unique way to do core values: “The Patch”

The Patch has an element for each component of the values. Very shortly after, way before we could afford it, I bought a $10,000 bronze statue of this thing and put it in the lobby of our crappy office. But it was a cool statue that would be a personification of the values set apart from me or anyone else in the organization.

It has been incredible and I will say that more people should consider doing symbolism for their values instead of going the word route because the legs that thing gets is incredible.

We have 30 people with tattoos on their body and we have 370 employees so it’s not exactly 10%, but enough. We have 20 t-shirt and patch mugs and whenever we do our normal employee reviews, everything is according to our values, but saying our patch values makes it feel more than just a normal HR thing.

Now, my cultural mission is not in creating a great place to work so much as it is creating a great system that creates a great place to work.

How will you create unique core values?

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