How to manufacture your own luck: Aligning Priorities and Actions

“Action expresses priorities.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

If you are trying to manufacture your own luck, it might be time for you to start reflecting on a quote that greatly influenced today’s guest, Blake Garrett. Blake is the CEO and Founder of Aceable and AceableAgent, a hyper-growth startup based in Austin, TX.

Aceable started as a mobile application to replace boring Driver’s Ed courses. Since their inception, Aceable’s mission has expanded to demolish the educational barriers between people and their dreams. They are now in different verticals like Real Estate.

As you’ll hear today, the Aceable that exists now was not Blake’s original idea. In this episode, Blake tells the story of how he left Ernst and Young to follow his dreams of creating a company, the important reason why he wanted to start a company, and the major roadblocks along the way.

You’ll learn the two-step process he used to hold himself accountable and get around roadblocks. You’ll also learn how you, too, can manufacture your own luck.

Other topics include:

  • The right reason to create a company
  • The power of putting yourself in uncomfortable situations
  • The results you can get from putting yourself in uncomfortable situations
  • How to get the most from your ideas – good and bad – and how to test as quickly as possible
  • How to hold yourself accountable as your build a company
  • How to turn your priorities into results
  • How to choose the right mentors
  • The way to get the “right” advice from mentors
  • How your inactions are just as important as your actions

Don’t miss the next episode with Blake we’ll dive into Culture, Leverage and Getting $#IT Done. Blake provides even more great advice and tactics on how to build the right culture and get the right stuff done.


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