Culture, Leverage and Getting $#it Done

Culture, Leverage and Getting $#it Done: these might be the three most important topics for anyone starting a business. In today’s episode, Blake Garrett, CEO and Founder of Aceable and AceableAgent, tackles all three hot topics – challenging your perception with his unique views.


How much of a culture should be innate? How much should be intentional? Blake unpacks his thinking and shows you how to know if you are living out your values in the business.

As we know, organizational culture plays a pivotal role in the success and sustainability of a business. It encompasses the shared values, beliefs, and behaviors that shape the work environment and guide employee interactions. When it comes to cultivating a strong and thriving culture, finding the right balance between innate elements and intentional efforts is crucial.

Blake Garrett’s insights shed light on this delicate equilibrium, but to delve deeper into the topic of organizational culture and its impact on employee engagement and performance, you can explore the expertise offered by Workhuman. With their extensive knowledge and research on creating positive workplace cultures, Workhuman provides valuable resources and strategies to help you foster a culture that aligns with your values and supports your business objectives. By harnessing the power of a strong organizational culture, you can cultivate an environment where employees thrive, collaborate, and deliver their best work


This is important for any business, but crucial for a startup. Blake provides advice in an area most CEOs need to better leverage – their board. You may view the board as the ultimate “boss” but they are typically an under-utilized resource.

Getting $#it Done

Let’s face it: you need to get stuff done. Blake explains how he tweaked the core values to surface an attribute already a part of the DNA of Aceable. He also shares about how he makes sure Aceable is getting the RIGHT stuff done by using a Growth Playbook.

If you missed the first part of our interview with Blake, make sure you listen now and learn how to manufacture your own luck.

Other topics include:

  • Why it is difficult defining “culture”
  • The important reason you need culture to be both innate and intentional
  • Why “getting stuff done” is core to Aceable’s DNA
  • How Aceable makes sure they are getting the right stuff done
  • Aceable’s core values and how they were created
  • What Aceable learned creating their core values as a small company
  • How Blake uses the board to create leverage for the business
  • How and why Aceable tweaked their core values to better reflect the DNA of the business
  • The subtle, but significant change Blake made to the leadership team
  • The reasons to NOT change your core values
  • How to really live out your cultural values
  • What are the two sides of the culture coin and why is only one side ever talked about?
  • The importance of a leader’s actions – and inaction – when it comes to core values
  • The power of changing the language to change the conversation, which will change the outcome
  • Blake’s two must-read books
  • The advice Blake would give to his future son or daughter

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