How the Most Effective CEOs Spend Their Time: An exhaustive 12-year study

We all have the same 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Why do some seem to get more accomplished than others? As you’ll learn today from a ground-breaking 12-year study from the Harvard Business Review, it all comes down to one word: intentionality.

We inherently know that a CEO’s calendar is jam-packed. CEOs schedules are incredibly demanding – constantly juggling the promises they’ve made – to investors, customers, employees, their family and the goals they’ve set – both personally and professionally.

So, how do CEOs actually spend their time? We recently shared the Harvard Business Review Study, The Leader’s Calendar on our social media. It quickly became one of the most shared, commented and clicked on stories we’ve shared.

We decided to get more insight from the source. Today we’re talking to the Editor of the Harvard Business Review, Dan McGinn. In this episode, he shares exactly what a CEO does every day, lessons learned, the biggest mistakes CEOs make and a lot more.

Today’s episode also features Kim Woellecke, the executive assistant for Dug Song, the co-founder, CEO and Chairman of Duo Security. Kim shares how she manages the calendar of a CEO that recently sold their company for $2.35 billion to Cisco.

Listen to this episode for great insights into how successful CEOs manage their time, and how you can better manage your time, too. You’ll learn how simply being intentional with your time can be the difference between a calendar that dictates your priorities and dictating your priorities to your calendar.

If you’re ready to start measuring where you spend your time, download our free Time Audit Template.

Topics include:

  • The biggest mistakes CEO make with their time
  • Why setting goals for your time is so critically important
  • The discoveries CEOs found after auditing every minute of every day
  • The easiest tweaks to make to your schedule to help you reach your goals
  • How the best CEOs use an Executive Assistant (EA) to manage their time
  • Strategies on how to best utilize an Executive Assistant to manage your time
  • How to be intentional about both your personal/family time and work time
  • The surprising amount of sleep CEOs get every night, and how they do it
  • The way CEOs spend their vacation and downtime – how much time do they really take off?
  • How does your time compare to other CEOs? How are they spending time could learn from?
  • The Free Time Audit Template you can use to measure your time.


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