The 3 types of leaders: Which one are you?

Have you ever wondered how others would describe your leadership style? It does not matter what kind of leader you want to be, aspire to be or even believe you are. What matters is your real leadership style. Today’s For You leaders podcast is all about you and your leadership style.

Simply: Leaders are either for you, against you or for themselves. It’s a straight-forward but powerful concept:

Most leaders are for themselves. That is, looking out for only themselves. They are more worried about what they can get out of you vs. what they can pour into you.

It’s rare that a leader wakes up every day trying to wreck others, but it does happen. These leaders are Against You (Hitler is the prototypical example of an Against You).

The leaders that continually get results are For You Leaders. For You Leaders genuinely put others before themselves. They are rare and only represent about 10% of all leaders. These leaders care more about what they can put into you rather than what they can get out of you. However, make no mistake. They are not soft or pushovers.

That’s a super quick overview, but today’s podcast dives deeper into the inspiration behind the name for the podcast and how to tell which kind of leader you are today. Also, a quick thank YOU for making the For You Leaders podcast a top 10 business podcast! We make this podcast For You in hopes that it will help you become a better For You Leader.

Learn more about becoming a For You Leader and the proven benefits:

Other topics include:

  • The unique way Kirk Dando discovered he thought about leadership all wrong, and what he did to correct it.
  • The true power of a For You Leader.
  • How to understand your leadership style and simplify the way you think about leadership.
  • The concrete next steps to become a For You Leader.
  • Benefit of Doubt – why it’s important, how to earn it and how it relates to being a For You Leader
  • The results we’ve witnessed by companies run by true, For You Leaders
  • Why being a For You leader is counter-intuitive but incredibly effective

Read more about the three leadership types.

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