Creating something from nothing: Lessons from the audacious vision of Zero Mass Water

The Source Hydro Panel from Zero Mass Water.

Today’s guest is Cody Friesen, CEO of Zero Mass Water. Zero Mass Water invented SOURCE, a Hydropanel that makes drinking water from sunlight and air. Picture a larger-than-average solar panel that produces drinkable water from the water in the air. Their mission is lofty by any standard: Perfecting water for every person, every place.

Today’s podcast is about a lot more than the incredible product Cody and Zero Mass Water are building. You will learn Cody’s innovative ideas bleed into Zero Mass Water’s culture and hiring.

Zero Mass isn’t just the name of their company. It’s the name of their culture: Zero Mass Culture. As you’ll learn, Zero Mass has deep meaning for Cody and his team. They have 7 unique cultural elements. They include “Lead with Love” and “Demanding ‘Yes, if..’ and rejecting ‘No, because…’”

These unique values will inspire you to think about your own values and challenge the very way you do business.

Cody also talks in-depth about work-life balance. For example, would you ever invite one of your kids to a board meeting? Zero Mass Water does. They are even some of their best board meetings. Why? Cody believes there isn’t work-life balance, but there’s work-life integration. It’s just another way that Zero Mass Water lives out their cultural elements.

Listen now:

Other topics include:

  • Where to find inspiration for your next idea.
  • How to focus on finding a problem first, then creating your solution.
  • The power of creating an audacious goal.
  • What does Zero Mass actual mean? How can it apply to your culture?
  • The value of abolishing tradition from the business
  • The way to lead with love – and still get results.
  • How to schedule your meetings to inspire a more productive work environment
  • How to change your thinking about work-life balance
  • The Power of embracing “Yes, if…” and rejecting “No, because…”
  • Unique ways to think about hiring and going beyond the resume
  • Why you should think about inviting your children to a board meeting
  • How to help your kids think about their future and finding their passion

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