Work-Life Balance: Is it even possible? How to win the struggle between work and life.

Work-Life Balance” can be a loaded and often polarizing phrase. Some argue that it’s not possible, others argue it should be framed as something else. No matter what you call it, the simple fact is that all leaders struggle to manage the seemingly opposing demands of work and life.

Over the years, we’ve interviewed award-winning CEOs, Venture Capitalists, the editor of the Harvard Business Review, pastors, dads, moms, and many others. One recurring question we ask around how they think about and approach work-life balance (or whatever you’d like to call it)?

How do busy executives handle the different demands of work and family life? What tips can you start implementing to be a more effective leader and husband/wife/father/mother? In this special episode of For You Leaders podcast, we take a compilation of advice, perspectives and guidance we have gathered over the years and combine it into one episode.

Topics include:

  • The simple framework other successful leaders use to view their family and their business.
  • Why being an entrepreneur makes the concept of work-life balance impossible.
  • How to take better vacations with your family (and how work fits in with vacations)
  • The opposing opinions on checking email during vacations.
  • Mantras to change your perspective on work-life balance.
  • How CEOs of billion-dollar companies really spend their time.
  • The unintended consequences of not setting your priorities.
  • Ways to work smarter, not harder, as an executive.
  • Can you really work less and still get results from your team…without being judged?

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