Redbox Founder: How To Hold Employees Accountable And Empower At The Same Time

Today we are continuing our conversation with Gregg Kaplan, founder of RedBox. As he shared in the previous episode, he shared what the most effective CEO’s do differently.

We all know that people are the most important asset within the business. But how, exactly, do you empower your employees and hold them accountable at the same time?

There is so much “people advice” out there that sometimes implementing that advice feels like wrestling with a ghost. In this episode, Gregg shares some raw and real people advice around hiring, promoting, holding accountable (and much more) that you can start implementing right away.

Listen in as Gregg provides real advice on how to get the most from your people:

Other Topics Include:

  • The powerful hiring technique he used to scale the Redbox to $2 billion that you can use to make sure you hire the right person for every position.
  • How to use unanimity-based hiring to increase the quality for your new hires.
  • How a simple signature can dramatically increase the odds of finding the right hire.
  • How to really empower your people.
  • What happens when you empower your people.
  • Why you really end up with B and C players in a business and how you can avoid hiring them.
  • How extremely clear and rigorous goals for employees dramatically change the dynamic between manager and employees.

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