Scaling: Lessons Learned from Serial Entrepreneur/Investor Brett Hurt (Part 1)

Today we’re talking to serial entrepreneur, Brett Hurt. He’s a co-founder and the CEO of and a founder of Coremetrics and Bazaarvoice. Brett also owns Hurt Family Investments with his wife, Debra. They’re now invested in 55 startups and 12 VC funds.

Brett’s had the privilege, both firsthand and through his investments, to see the practices that work (and don’t) for scaling a business. In Part One of our interview with Brett, he shares two practices he wishes more CEOs would utilize: investor communication and continual learning.

He shares the exact way he communicates to his investors and the resources he personally uses to learn on a daily basis.

Dive in to hear more about how you can start these simple, but impactful practices today.

Other topics include:

  • The role his daughter had in creating
  • Why Brett joined forces with his co-founders and created
  • The ambitious hopes for
  • A surprising talk he had to give to iconic leaders – and the results
  • How and why to communicate with investors
  • Resources that Brett uses to learn, grow and pay it forward
  • What Brett wishes all the CEO’s he’s invested in would do consistently
  • A lot more

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