Tips and Tricks for the Leadership Gratitude Journal

If you haven’t done so, we encourage you to check out the Leadership Gratitude Journal. If you already have a copy, we hope you’re enjoying it!

We’ve heard incredible feedback and wanted to offer a couple of tips and tricks to using the Leadership Gratitude Journal in your own life. We found significant results from using the journal and simply want you to see the same benefits.

Here are a couple tips + ideas we’ve heard from others practicing the Leadership Gratitude Journal:

  • Open the book to a random page and be inspired by that day’s quote.
  • Try using the book for seven days at a time. The next week, simply reflect on what you wrote the previous week.
  • Place the Leadership Gratitude Journal next to one of your go-to spots in the morning – like next to the coffee pot.
  • Have your entire team or family try the Leadership Gratitude Journal together. If you need more books for your team, they are available on Amazon.
  • Share some of the leadership quotes from the journal with others or on social media.
  • Get a digital version of the Leadership Gratitude Journal and use a program like Preview (on Mac) or Adobe Acrobat (on PC) to fill out the Journal if you forget your hard copy.

There’s no wrong way to practice gratitude – as long as you are practicing it. If you have any other feedback or tips, just write a comment below.

We’re thankful for you!

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