Work-life balance: How to be a father and founder with Peter Lehrman. Part 2

PL_4C_389x389Today we are talking again (listen to part one here) to Peter Lehrman, Founder and CEO of Axial. Axial helps companies plan, grow, or exit by connecting business owners to buyers, leaders, investors and advisors.

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Imagine, you’re in the city that never sleeps. It’s your first time being a CEO. You’ve got a growing family. You’ve founded a company that has a really large purpose. How do you manage being a founder of a company and lead a growing family?

Peter Lehrman, CEO of Axial, provides some great insight into how to lead a company – and a family.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • The three ways he manages being a father and a founder.
  • How you can use mindfulness.
  • What Peter loves about being a leader, especially in the company he founded.
  • His secret sauce for being a leader AND founder.
  • What a mattress has to do with success.


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