The Insights Behind Creating Great Companies. Lessons from entrepreneur Brett Hurt.

static1.squarespaceYou may have heard about Brett Hurt, he has started numerous tech companies, invested in even more and serves on many prestigious boards. But you probably don’t know the whole story of Brett and his newest endeavor, You can read more about Brett and his work at his Lucky7 blog.


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Here’s what’s most important to know about Brett. He didn’t set out to be a great leader, he set out to be a great person. In this podcast, you’ll hear that he’s committed to a lot more than just starting and growing companies. He wants to change the world for the better through technology. He also talks in-depth about all the accomplishments that happen through business. Learn more about this incredible entrepreneur and his unique insight.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • The three primary roles of a CEO
  • The secret to developing an incredible startup culture
  • The family atmosphere he was able to create at Bazaarvoice
  • The motivation behind his new startup,
  •’s very young (and influential) first investor
  • The importance of leadership

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