A behind-the-scenes podcast about the raw and real of leadership.

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I get the pleasure of having raw and real conversations with amazing leaders every day. I’ve always wanted to share their insight with others. Today, I’m proud to announce the For You Leaders Leadership Podcast. We’re going to go beyond the veneer of leadership and dive deep. I hope you enjoy the episodes as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.

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Brett Hurt: You may have heard about Brett Hurt. He has started numerous tech companies, invested in even more and serves on many prestigious boards. But you probably don’t know the whole story of Brett and his newest endeavor, data.world. The most important thing is that Brett didn’t set out to be a great leader, he set out to be a great person. In this podcast, you’ll hear that he’s committed to a lot more than just starting companies and learn how he does it.

Peter Lehrman: A first-time CEO without first time thinking. Learn from Peter Lehrman, CEO and founder of Axial on lessons for first time CEOs in Part One. In Part Two, learn how Peter is a founder and a father to a growing family.

Rocky Turner: Long-time client Rocky Turner, co-founder and CEO of LPR Construction provides a perfect example of being a For You Leader in Part One. In Part Two, he talks about a touchy subject: family in the business. When does it work? When does it not?


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