How your leadership style drives growth – Rocky Turner, CEO of LPR Construction – Part 1

DSC_3466In this episode, we’re talking to Rocky Turner, a founder and the CEO of LPR Construction. They are one of the largest steel erector and heavy industrial construction companies in the US. While we talk to many startups, Rocky brings the experience of building a construction business from the ground up. You’ll love the different style of leadership he brings and the wisdom from many years of experience.


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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What exactly is a “For You” Leader. It’s not just the name of this podcast.
  • Rocky’s model for leadership.
  • The role humility and instincts play in his role.
  • How he takes drama out of the business.
  • The most difficult decisions he has to make.
  • The one piece of leadership advice he’d give to his kids.
  • The importance of earning “benefit of doubt.”
  • How to handle people that make mistakes.

Make sure to listen to part two of our interview with Rocky, where we talk about family in the business. It’s an emotionally charged subject where there are a lot of opinions. You’ll also learn more about he originally hired me for – and what he actually got.


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