Family in business: How to navigate bloodlines in the business

DSC_3466Family in the business. When does it work? What does it not? We’re talking again to Rocky Turner, co-founder and CEO of LPR Construction. Make sure you listen to Part One, where we talk about Rocky’s leadership style. LPR Construction is one of the largest steel erector and heavy industrial construction companies in the US.

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Today, Rocky has all three sons working in the business. One of his sons, Linc, is the President. However, LPR didn’t always have a favorable view of family in the business. In fact, it was outlawed at one point. We asked Rocky what changed and how he now views family in the business. His answers may surprise you.

In todays’ episode:

  • The sticky situation of family in the business. When does it work? When does it not work?
  • How Rocky holds people accountable – including family.
  • What Kirk was originally hired for…and what he ended up doing.
  • Who made the biggest influence on Rocky’s leadership.

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