The most important leadership title isn’t CEO – Leading through fatherhood, Part One


I’ve had many titles after my name. COO. CFO. Author. Investor. The list goes on and on. However, there is one role that will always be at the top of that list – Father. I’m the proud father of three beautiful girls. It’s the greatest leadership role in the world.

Leadership starts in the home and it can start with you.

I have a confession to make: I’m on vacation right now with my girls. Traditions and time with my family are part of the non-negotiables you’ll hear me talk about in the upcoming podcasts.

I turned the reigns for the next podcasts to Chip Hanna, my VP of Product and Marketing. He’s going to be a new dad in August. He took my vacation as a chance to interview the dads in his life and learn about the most important leadership position – being a parent.

Part One – Meet the Dads in Chip’s life. They set the expectations for how life changes with a new one in the home.


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Today’s Topics Include:

  • You’ve probably heard about the imposter syndrome with leadership, but how does that relate to being a dad?
  • The simple act of trying to be dad is more important than what you actually do.
  • The fact that you are trying is more than most and maybe better than most.
  • Kirk’s one secret to being a great dad.
  • What to focus on, so everything will fall in place.


  • Kirk and I at a talk in San Francisco.

    Kirk and Chip at a talk in San Francisco.

  • Chip, Joel (Brother-In-Law), and Jerome (Father-in-Law) at Alamo Bowl

    Chip, Joel (Brother-In-Law), and Jerome at the Alamo Bowl.

  • Chip, Jessica, Julie (Chip's Mom), Bob (Chip's Dad) at Chip's Graduation

    Chip, Jessica, Julie (Chip’s Mom), Bob (Chip’s Dad) at Chip’s Graduation

  • Chip, Jessica, Dennisse and Aaron at Chip and Jessica's Wedding

    Chip, Jessica, Dennisse and Aaron at Chip and Jessica’s Wedding


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