Rackspace Co-Founder: How to build a “fanatical,” customer-obsessed culture

One of our favorite aspects of the For You Leaders podcast is hearing directly from the source about exactly how a business is created – and scaled. Today is no different. You’re going to hear the exceptional story behind Rackspace and how they built a fanatical, customer-obsessed culture.

Today we are talking to Dirk Elmendorf, Co-Founder of Rackspace. You’ll hear the unique story about how he started Rackspace in 1998 with two co-founders and how Rackspace got to be known for its fanatical customer support. Dirk provides simple solutions to make sure customers remain (or become) the center of your business. If you have a business that provides support for your product or service, you do not want to miss this episode.

Other topics include:

  • The original business idea Dirk and his co-founders had and why it flopped
  • How Rackspace stumbled upon the idea for the company
  • The unique struggles Rackspace faced that most startups today take for granted
  • The unique way Rackspace found their first investors
  • Exactly how Rackspace started to focus on delivering Fanatical Support
  • The tactics Rackspace used to deliver Fanatical Support
  • Dirk surprising reaction when he learned that he screwed up for a customer
  • Why Dirk frequently used a terrible Russian accent at Rackspace

Don’t miss part two of our Interview with Dirk. He shares more great insight into scaling Rackspace and dives into the topic of interviewing. It’s a skill that anyone can improve and Dirk provides some of best interviewing tips you can start to apply today. He also answers the age old question, “Is the customer always right?”

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