Call the Shot, Make the Shot (Part 2): 1 question CEOs are asking to make sure their plan gets executed

Here is what Sean Spector, Founder and CEO of Dropoff says is critical to success, “I think lots of people have ideas of, ‘here’s an idea to solve this, or here’s an idea to solve that.’ It’s that next step, trying to do it: that’s the scariest thing in the world. If you’re not willing to fail, you’ll almost never succeed.”

In the last episode, we started to show you how to build a strategic plan that unlocks growth in a competitive market – specifically, unpacking the concept of strategic pillars. In this episode, you’re going to hear about the next steps of building a strategic plan that gets and keeps everyone focused. You will hear from Sean Spector, CEO and Founder of Dropoff. Sean was previously the CEO and Founder of Gamefly. 

Have you ever been inside of a strategic meeting or offsite where you left feeling clear, energized, and hopeful only to look up 6 to 9 months later and wonder what happened? Why did most of the great ideas fade, or worse, get forgotten?

Today you’ll learn how other successful CEOs and their teams make sure their strategy comes alive through an unlikely process. You will see how to move your team beyond compliance to commitment (to the plan).  I will share one key question you should be asking to get the needed clarity and wanted alignment to execute in the new year.

Podcast Highlights Include:

  • A critical question that will help you and your team go from lukewarm compliance to red-hot commitment to deliver on your promises and goals. 
  • The unique way Sean Spector got the ideas for Dropoff and Gamefly and the process and structures he used to scale these organizations.
  • Why spending more time developing a strategy upfront is painful, but actually exponentially more efficient in the long run
  • How to know if you are getting closer to finding the right strategy
  • And much more…

Don’t miss the next episode coming on the For You Leaders Podcast, where we will dive deeper into how to Call the Shot AND Make the Shot.

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