Call the Shot, Make The Shot (Part 1): If you aim and nothing, you will hit it every time.

What confidence level do you have in next year’s strategy? Will it be executed with the quality, timeliness, and budget you have promised to your investors, customers, and team members?

In this For You Leaders podcast series, “Call the Shot, Make the Shot,” I will share the best practices around strategy from some of the world’s fastest-growing companies, like Amazon, HomeAway, Dropoff, and many others.

The practices and principles will help you go beyond developing strategy and goals (calling the shot) to, more importantly, bringing your strategy to life through a proven cadence of accountability (making the shot).

The advice in this series is not just for big, publicly traded companies. Amazon was once small, too. They used these mindsets and frameworks to keep their eye on the ball. This discipline helped them not let the chaos of daily, weekly, or quarterly circumstances cloud their vision and get in the way of their goals. I promise I will go beyond the theoretical and give you actionable steps so you can Call the Shot and Make the Shot in 2021.

In today’s episode, we focus on the foundation you need before planning for the upcoming year. Don’t worry; even if you are already done with planning, it’s not too late. This step is often the most overlooked but critical step for developing any business’s strategy: strategic pillars.

Podcast Highlights Include:

  • Where to start before you begin developing your strategy
  • The critical first step: Strategic Pillars 
  • How strategic pillars eat complex business plans for breakfast
  • How various executives at HomeAway (now VRBO), used strategic pillars to fuel and focus their growth
  • What is a cadence of accountability, why you want it, and how you can use The Growth Playbook to create it.
  • The 7 things your strategy needs to accomplish if you want to make sure it gets executed to your expectations
  • How Sean Spector, the CEO and co-founder of Dropoff has used this highly evolved methodology to get his growth team aligned and moving fast.
  • Why the pillars and the Growth Playbook caused this Venture-backed CEO to say, “I’ve never been so clear on where my company stands, where people are not meeting the bar, and how then I’m running into challenges with my own management, it’s very obvious now.”
  • How to develop your own strategic pillars

Don’t miss the next episode coming on the For You Leaders Podcast, where we will dive deeper into how to Call the Shot AND Make the Shot.

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