Velocity Vector (Part 5): The Anatomy of Growth – 12 Warning Signs of Success


That’s because success has a way of masking the issues that rob an organization of its full potential. Every healthy business matures through 3 distinct stages of growth with different characteristics and problems at each stage. If you are successful, you will grow yourself into problems. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to know which stage of growth your organization is in. You must be able to predict and prepare for the journey ahead so you don’t stall out – or worse.

In the Velocity Vector Series’s final chapter, I will unpack exactly what happens as a company scales. I’ll also explain the two critical inflection points in every growing business and what you need to do as a leader to solve the crucial Warning Signs of Success that growth causes in every healthy organization.

Don’t waste your IQ points solving problems that have already been solved by the countless other high-growth businesses before yours. Listen and learn now:

Other Podcast Highlights Include:

  • The three predictable stages that every business goes through with growth
  • How to use this growth model to assess where your organization is in its maturity and growth.
  • The inflection points as an organization you will encounter with scale
  • The 12 most critical mistakes that high growth leaders make at scale.
  • The characteristics and problems you will encounter in each stage of growth.
  • How to use this tool to have a discussion with your team to drive engagement, alignment and decision velocity.
  • The goal of every leader who wants to scale.
  • The critical role managers play in the scaling journey. 
  • What happens to leaders and businesses that do not correctly identify and deal with the 12 Warning Signs of Success.
  • The benefits of building a Level III Business

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