Velocity Vector (Part 4): Decision Velocity – What is it and why is it so elusive?

The goal of the Velocity Vector is to provide you with a framework and the mindset needed to achieve Decision Velocity. Although Decision Velocity sounds provocative and like something you should have, what is Decision Velocity? More importantly, why is it the unspoken goal of every leader, yet so elusive? 

If you’ve been following our series on the Velocity Vector, we’ve talked about Clarity, Informed Decisions, and Alignment. You might have been nodding your head in agreement during the episodes. 

But what happens when keeping your promises and achieving your goals feels more difficult than it should be? What issues are masking the root cause? We spend today’s episode diving into the most common critical mistakes leaders make when moving up the Velocity Vector and how you can avoid making the same mistakes. 

Other Podcast Highlights Include:

Highlights Include:

  • The subtle, but significant, difference between Catching and Coaching
  • What exactly is a rake organization, and how does it impact Decision Velocity?
  • What Catching vs. Coaching does to the speed and agility of an organization.
  • The mindset of building the right muscles in an organization – and letting other muscles atrophy
  • How to change your mindset to Coach vs. Catch
  • How the Velocity Vector is a chain reaction and why you need to build off the first step: Clarity
  • The surprising place to look if you feel like you have Clarity, Informed Decisions, and alignment but still don’t have the Decision Velocity you want
  • How to tell if you are Catching vs. Coaching 
  • The story of a publicly-traded company we worked with that misdiagnosed their growth problem and how this unlikely bottleneck may be manifesting itself in your organization.
  • Much more!

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