Velocity Vector (Part 1): How to build momentum and grow

Does everything feel like it is moving too slow in your organization, including growth? Do you feel ready to accelerate into and throughout the new year? What are the stress levels for you, your team, your business, and at home?

If you and your team are looking for ways to speed up growth and slow down stress, this podcast will show you the best practices used by some of the world’s most successful leaders. This is not hyperbole, what we share represents the consolidation of 11,000 different conversations over 25+ years.

We’ll explain how the Velocity Vector Framework can help you and your organization start to accelerate into and throughout the next year. It’s a chain reaction of events that begins (and ends) with leadership. This powerful framework has helped countless other leaders create lasting decision velocity and we believe it will help you, too.

Highlights Include

  • How to create engagement, alignment, and lasting motivation in your team
  • 7 simple ways to provide clarity with your team
  • Are you providing clarity or propagating confusion? Find out how to know which one you are doing.
  • The 1 question you can ask yourself before any communication to make sure you are being heard – both virtually or in-person.
  • The simple but powerful concept of the Velocity Vector and how you can use the Framework to increase decision velocity.
  • The unfortunate (and unintentional) result of not fixing your Velocity Vector.
  • The real reason why you provide strategy, set vision, do 1-on-1s, have all-hands, and much more.
  • What people in the organization start to say when you are unintentionally slowing the organization down

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Also, be sure to get the Velocity Vector Leadership Guide here, with the full Velocity Vector and the 7 Simple Ways to Provide Clarity Checklist.


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