Velocity Vector (Part 3): The Tension Between Alignment and Speed

One of the top five things I’ve heard over the last 25 years when I start working with a CEO and their team is, “We are not aligned,” or “We want to be better aligned.” Why does it matter? More importantly, are you, your team, and the organization aligned? If you’re not as aligned as you want to be, what would be different? What problems would it solve or how would your life be improved?

This episode of the For You Leaders podcast is all about alignment: why and how the healthiest organizations prioritize and achieve true alignment.

If you are a visual learner, we reference this graphic in the podcast regarding the subtle but real difference between an organization that is trying to be aligned compared to an organization that is actually aligned.

Listen to get some simple frameworks, mindsets, and tools you can start applying today. Listen now:

Other Podcast Highlights Include:

  • The warning signs that point to a lack of alignment.
  • What to listen for in your organization to see if you have any of these warning signs.
  • How to know if your 1-on-1s, OKRs, all hands and strategy offsites, etc. are creating or hurting alignment.
  • The science behind high-performance teams and how to apply this to your team.
  • Three practical and cost-efficient steps to create alignment.
  • The surprising answer to this question: Can a team that does not spend time together still be high performing and aligned?

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