Call the Shot, Make the Shot (Part 4): 7 Strategy Myths that quietly destroy healthy strategy

Working closely with leaders and their organizations, I hear a ton of myths around strategy. Many people have a strong opinion on what they think will (or will not) work when it comes to developing and executing their growth strategy. For example, “OKRs don’t work… We have to get everyone aligned to these goals… We need to set stretch goals… We have too many meetings… We need a 10-year vision…” The list goes on and on.

Today, I’m not only going to dispel some common misunderstandings around developing and executing strategy, but I am also going to share the best practices learned from some of the world’s best strategists and CEOs.

You’ll also hear from Sean Spector, CEO and Founder of Dropoff, and Matthew Briggs, CEO at Four Hands Home. Sean shares a very helpful analogy of how he thinks business is like playing poker. Matthew shares how they have united their success around how they set goals, how they tie the goals to individual performance, and use goals as the igniter to accelerate towards their vision.

Let’s dive in:

Podcast Highlights Include:

  • The unique way business is a lot like poker and how to use that to your advantage inside your organization
  • Why strategy isn’t just about coming up with the ideas – what is really at the heart of the strategies that get implemented 
  • The important reason why – and how – Four Hands Home sets their goals.
  • What percentage of your goals you should be hitting, according to recent scientific studies.
  • The irony behind saying, “We don’t have time to do this.”
  • How setting up a strategic framework is THE competitive advantage you might have been looking for
  • The important role people play in making sure you can make the shot you called

Don’t miss the next episode coming on the For You Leaders Podcast, where we will close out the series!

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