Call the Shot, Make the Shot (Part 5): 3 Best practices to get the most from your 1:1’s

“Ideas are great… but they are only as good as the people executing them.”
Sean Spector, CEO + Founder Of Dropoff

It’s almost a foregone conclusion – if you set the strategy and keep measuring it, it will all work out. However, a mediocre strategy with an amazing, aligned team will beat the brilliant strategy with a mediocre team almost every single time.

The problem can be counterintuitive. We have all kinds of metrics and measurements to see how the business is performing, but we often neglect the most important metric to executing our strategy: how are our people doing (both personally and professionally)? That’s what today’s episode is all about: how to increase velocity by knowing how your people are doing through impactful 1-on-1s.

1-on-1s sound simple enough, but are you really getting the most from your 1-on-1s? It doesn’t matter if you are a manager, CEO or front-line employee. This episode is packed with actional best practices from experts like Gene Austin, the CEO of Quorum, Anthony Bucci, the co-founder and former CEO of RevZilla and Alain Hunkins, the author of Cracking the Leadership Code.

Podcast Highlights Include:

  • The 3 top mistakes I see leaders make with their 1-on-1s and how to fix them
  • A handful of best practices for 1:1’s (how often should you have them, how long should they be, how to structure them, etc.) to get the most out of your 1:1’s
  • How Gene Austin, CEO of Quorum, treats one on ones, how many times he allows his leaders to cancel a 1:1, and the first question he asks a team member when they are struggling
  • The way Anthony Bucci used 5-15s at RevZilla to scale the business and stay close to the individuals
  • What is a 5-15 and how to set an agenda for a 5-15 format
  • How personal connections with team members are suffering, especially in our current virtual workplace, AND the one thing you can do to significantly improve your team’s engagement and speed.
  • The one thing nobody cares about until they know one thing about you. I tell you what the “one thing” is so you can capture the hearts and minds of your team.

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