My out of office reply is this podcast

“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my axe.” 
Abraham Lincoln

Kirk is on vacation this week. He’s taking some time to “sharpen his axe” so he can be a healthier more productive husband, father, friend, and leader. It’s hard for any leader to disconnect, but it’s even harder to deal with the consequences of not taking time for true self-care.

In fact, we did a whole podcast that talks about how other leaders disconnect and sharpen their axe. We’ll be the first to say that “work/life balance” is unattainable – the word “balance” implies that it can be achieved and done perfectly. The other leaders in this podcast echo this sentiment and give you some of their best thinking.

We’ve asked almost every podcast guest we’ve interviewed about their thoughts on how they manage work and life. Here are their responses.

Podcast Highlights Include:

  • The simple framework other successful leaders use to view their family and their business.
  • Why being an entrepreneur makes the concept of work-life balance impossible.
  • How to take better vacations with your family (and how work fits in with vacations)
  • The opposing opinions on checking email during vacations.
  • Mantras to change your perspective on work-life balance.
  • How CEOs of billion-dollar companies really spend their time.
  • The unintended consequences of not setting your priorities.
  • Ways to work smarter, not harder, as an executive.
  • Can you really work less and still get results from your team…without being judged?

Featuring Advice from (in order of appearance)

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