Force Multiplier: How your leadership reshapes generations



One unique person can reshape generations. For Charles Thornburgh, CEO of Civitas Learning and today’s podcast guest, it was his great grandmother. As a woman in the early 1900s, she earned a graduate degree – practically unheard of in that time. That decision was a true force multiplier. You’ll learn about the force multiplier and how Charles uses it as CEO in this episode.

Civitas Learning partners with higher education leaders to bring together the best of new leading-edge technology, design thinking and data science on a mission to help a million more students each year learn well and finish strong. Charles shares more about how they are accomplishing this on the podcast.

Listen to this episode to learn more about Charles’s incredible grandmother, her influence, the million student problem and how you can be a force multiplier.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • The unique (and huge) mission of Civitas Learning.
  • How Civitas Learning is going to solve the million student problem.
  • How Civitas Learning helps students graduate from college.
  • The multi-generational impact of having more college graduates.
  • The amazing story of Charles’s grandmother – her convictions, beliefs and actions that changed generations after her.
  • The concept of a “force multiplier” and how you can apply it to your life.
  • What leadership means to Charles personally.
  • How to develop a compelling vision, find a talented group of people to focus on that vision and complete the vision.

Stay tuned for Part Two. Charles talks about how he’s learned to be more selfish with his time and what habits ensure his success.

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