HOW the heck the best product lead (2 of 2)

If you missed the previous episode, you missed two product leaders at the top of their game: Christopher O’Donnell, Chief Product Officer at Hubspot and Ash Devata, Head of Product at Duo Security explain, “What the heck does a product person do?”

Today, we continue the conversation around product development and discuss HOW the best product leaders do it. We cover a wide range of topics from how to creatively interview to ensure you get the right person in your next product management hire, including ways to pressure test for EQ and IQ to specific ways Hubspot and Duo Security develop and execute their product roadmap. We even dive into how CEOs should think about and influence product to deliver the best customer experience.

Just like the previous episode, please don’t brush off this podcast as something only for high-tech startups or product-centric companies. This episode is full of important perspectives and tips for ANY company, even if you don’t have a product person. Listen now to learn about HOW to make product a competitive advantage in your business:

Other topics include:

  • How to find great product leaders – internally and externally
  • Unique interview questions to test for IQ, EQ and customer empathy
  • Different ways of diving deep into a candidate’s critical thinking skills  
  • What exactly is a product roadmap, why is it important and how do you create one?
  • Alternative viewpoints to the product roadmap process
  • Why you might consider replacing your product roadmap with a Compass
  • The importance of speed and focus in product delivery
  • How to develop trust within your team, peers and customers
  • The unique and simple way to go beyond standard product personas and how thought-provoking this unique practice can be to your entire organization
  • Powerful advice for any CEO as it relates to product and leadership

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