What the heck does a product person do? (1 of 2)

Many businesses have people with the word “product” in their title – Chief Product Officer, Head of Product, Product Manager, the list goes on and on. But what the heck does a product person do? More importantly: why is this such a crucial role to any businesses’ success?

Today you get the opportunity to hear from two incredible Product Leaders – Christopher O’Donnell, Chief Product Officer at Hubspot and Ash Devata, Head of Product at Duo Security, now part of Cisco.

Before you brush off this podcast as something only for high-tech startups or product-centric companies, think again. This episode is full of important perspectives and tips for ANY company, even if you don’t have a product person in your business. It’s really about who is responsible for putting the customer at the center of the universe for the business. If you have customers, you need to listen to this episode:

Other topics include:

  • The origin of the role of product and how it’s evolved
  • How great product leaders win over customers (internal and external) even though their choices leave people “pissed off 95% of the time”
  • What the best product managers know and have in common
  • How the best product members spend their time
  • The importance of EQ and IQ and how to apply them in managing product
  • How important is a technical background in product management
  • The framework you can use when thinking about product management in your business
  • The unique connection between a music producer and a product manager
  • The incredible complexity around something as simple as signing up for a trial
  • Two of the most important skills a product person needs to be successful

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