2 Practical (and scientifically proven) Ways to Eliminate Wasted Time and Improve Your Meetings

There are approximately 55 million meetings in the US every single day. Yes, you read that right. On top of that, executives said 72% of meetings were unproductive. What side does your team fall on?

Today, we are talking all about meetings. We provide you with several tips that do not cost you a dime and you can implement immediately. We also talk to Steven Rogelberg, the author of The Surprising Science of Meetings: How You Can Lead Your Team to Peak Performance.

We’ll share how one simple change helped transform a major retail chain and we’ll dive into other scientifically-backed methods to drastically improve your communications, meetings and outcomes. Don’t miss the powerful episode chock full of actionable tips and tricks:

Other topics include:

  • The no-cost trick a multi-billion dollar retailer used in their meetings to help significantly increase their bottom line.
  • The natural reason that meetings exist (and the reason we have so many meetings)
  • Why people say “communications are not working” and what they really mean.
  • The force multiplier caused by simply being intentional and how to apply it to your meetings.
  • The easy mindset shift you can make as a leader to always run high impact meetings
  • The best way to start your meetings
  • The best way to end your meetings
  • The one tip we’d recommend if you want to measurably improve your meetings

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