Make your meeting less of a beating: Try the Rafa Rule

If you missed the last episode of the For You Leaders Podcast, make sure you listen to it first. Our guests, Matt Laessig, COO & co-founder at and Bryon Jacob, CTO & co-founder at, explained the powerful concept of Strategic Pillars. If your business does any sort of strategic planning, make sure you listen to the previous episode about Strategic Pillars.

Today, we continue our conversation with Matt and Bryon. They tackle several critical topics: meetings, how leadership should show up in meetings and how they manage raising young families at the same time they are building a startup.

While meetings may sound like an unsexy topic, they are incredibly important. First, most communication and therefore execution (or the lack thereof) happens within meetings. Second, there is a large amount of salary sitting in meetings every day, in any organization. In this episode, we’ll explain how to calculate exactly how much money you are spending in meetings every year.

You owe it to yourself to at least have a passing grade on the massive investment you’re making each week, month and year. Matt and Bryon share how to make sure you get a positive ROI on your meetings within your business.

Other topics in this episode include:

  • The Rafa Rule
    • How to decide: Is it ok for people to be on their technology during meetings?
  • Why leaders need to be present in meetings.
    • The consequences of not “showing up” in meetings as a leader.
  • How evaluates their meetings.
  • The easy steps you can take to make your meetings suck less.
  • How one company had a huge financial turnaround thanks in a large part to paying attention to their investment in meetings.
  • How these two tech founders approach family, work, and life in general.
  • The power of simply being intentional in everything you do.

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